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Chemical Element Nitrogen   

  • Symbol  : N
  • Atomic number  : 7
  • Atomic weight  : 14.007

  • Classification  : Gas and Nonmetal

  •  Phase at Room Temperature  : Gas 
  • Density  : 1.251 g/L @ 0°C
  • Melting Point  : 210.00°C, -346.00°F
  • Boiloing Point  : 195.79°C, -320.33°F
  • Discovered by :  Daniel Rutherford in 1772 

Nitrogen is the first element in column 15 of the periodic table. It is part of the group of "other" nonmetal elements. Nitrogen atoms have seven electrons and 7 protons with five electrons in the outer shell. Nitrogen plays an important role in the life  of plants and animals on Earth through thee nitrogen cycle 

Characteristics and Properties 

Under standard conditions nitrogen is a colorless ,tasteless odorless gas. It forms diatomic molecules,Which means that are two nitrogen atoms per molecules in nitrogen gas (N2)  in this configuration nitrogen is very inert, meaning that it doesn't typically react with other compounds.

Nitrogen becomes a liquid at_210.00 degrees C Liquid nitrogen looks water.

Common compounds with nitrogen atoms includes ammonia (NH3), Nitrous oxide (N2O),nitrites, and nitrates. Nitrogen is also found in organic compounds such as amines, amides, and nitro groups.

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