Published new book ‘Little Pumpkin’ for kids from Poornna publications on the occasion of Kerala Piravi celebration of MGM model school, Varkala.

The government of Kerala has decided to start school education from the age of 3 itself. Now, the schooling age starts from the age of 5th and 6th. There exist pre KG classes, but an extremely different concept is introduced now. From the age of three, every child starts their schooling. It is not aimed to teach the hard things from his early ages itself. But, let them fly like a butterfly through the school atmosphere and avoid their fear of school. This makes our little ones more enthusiastic to reach the school every day.

Aiming at this concept, the government has decided a formula. Draw, give colour and study. This message says that, let our students draw pictures and give colour to it. They have the complete freedom to draw the picture and give colours.

Now, to give moral support to this concept, Poornna publishers formulate a book called ‘Little Pumpkin‘ for kids. The book contains various options for our kids to draw images and colour it appropriately. It is just a warm welcoming of this new ideology. Students of the category can use this book to improve their quality.

On this ‘Kerala Piravi‘ day, as an introduction of this book, the famous writer Mr.Sippi Pallippuram published this book. He is the famous child literature writer in Malayalam and National award winner. Ms.Nayana, the student of MGM Model School Varkkala, Kids department had received the book from Mr.Sippi Pallippuram.

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Little Pumpkin book for kids