Biography Of Cherussery
Cherussery is one of the Malayalam poets in the 15th century. He is from northern Kerala and written various poems. He was a court poet of Udaya Varma. His book named “Krishna Gadha” is one of the best books in Malayalam Literature. Krishna Gadha is known as the first “Maha Kavya” in the Malayalam language. This poem mainly shows the childhood activities of Lord Krishna. This book marks a major evolution in the Malayalam language. It is because this poem is written with pure Malayalam words and it is loved by Keralites. They love to sing and recite this poem.

The book named “Cherussery” is authored by Ms. Beena George discusses the life and works of Cherussery. Also, this book will inspire the students in a positive way. This Malayalam book is published by Poornna Publishers and available through their online bookstore.