Nursery Rhymes

നഴ്സറി, എൽ.കെ.ജി, യു.കെ.ജി കുട്ടികൾക്ക് പാടി രസിക്കാൻ പൂർണ്ണാ തയാറാക്കിയ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് നഴ്സറി പാട്ടുകൾ.


Nursery Rhymes Books for Kids

We enjoy rhymes. Rhymes lay the foundation for language communication. Nursery Rhythm is a collection of songs for Nursery, LKG, and UKG students to enjoy. Nursery rhythm you can purchase for RS 50.
This book is beneficial for kids to learn Nursery Rhythm. They can learn New rhythms quickly, which is exciting for kids. As a result, children can make their free time more enjoyable.
The Nursery Rhymes Book contains rhymes with beautiful and colourful illustrations. With lots of items and themes from around the world, stimulate their minds and creativity and nurture their development. The Pre-Nursery poetry and Story Book is an excellent learning tool that preschoolers will treasure their entire life.

Benefits of teaching your child rhymes

Developing phonemic awareness

Rhymes help children learn how to pronounce words. Many nursery poetry contains interjections or amusing language. In addition, they assist children in repeating challenging sets of sounds to improve their speech. Nursery rhymes, above all, teach toddlers proper intonation and pronunciation.

Building memory and articulation

Nursery rhymes are rich in rhyming words, words or groupings of sounds that are not found in conventional terms. Nursery rhymes provide your child’s brain with the input it needs to categorise words based on their underlying structure by introducing them to these patterns of sounds. This is a forerunner to the written language since youngsters must recognise the sounds of written words.

Understanding of concepts: painting pictures in children’s heads

You help your child’s creative growth by teaching them nursery rhymes. When you converse with your child from the moment they are born until they reach the age of three, you provide them with a firm language foundation.

Furthermore, kids acquire abstract ideas such as significant, tiny, behind, first and last. Finally, nursery rhyme words assist youngsters in developing language understanding by linking words with people, things, and events in their everyday lives.

Development of social routines

Many enjoyable nursery rhymes may be sung in two parts. First, teaching your child when and how to tell their role in the verse helps them develop social skills. Furthermore, your youngster will acquire essential communication skills like turn-taking and listening.

Listening skills

You are telling your child a narrative when you read nursery rhymes. Children are drawn into the history and pay attention to you because of the rhyming words, storyline, and voice. This helps kids make sense of the tale while making them terrific listeners.



Brand: Poorna Publications.

Type: Nursery poem

Language: English.

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