8 English stories which is The Lion And The Crocodile, The Dog And The Cock, The Wolf And The Little Goats, The Dog And The Lion, The Sick Wolf And The sheep,..etc by Gyoltzna. Stories are told with interesting illustrations. Giving youngsters access to all assortments of writing is critical for their prosperity. Instructors, guardians, and network individuals should enable understudies to build up adoration and energy for perusing. Not exclusively is perusing writing critical in creating psychological aptitudes to most likely prevail in a school or work setting, yet it is profitable for different reasons too. Kids’ writing is critical in light of the fact that it furnishes understudies with chances to react to writing; it gives understudies gratefulness about their very own social legacy just as those of others; it enables understudies to create enthusiastic insight and imagination; it sustains the development and advancement of the understudy’s identity and social abilities; and it transmits essential writing and topics starting with one age then onto the next.