Kids Bedtime Stories by Poornna Publishers – Stories Evermore
Stories are spoken account of something that had happened to someone. Most of us had spent our childhood by reading kids bedtime stories or by listening to the stories narrated by our Grandparents. But nowadays our children don’t have such opportunities to spare their bedtimes along with grandparents to hear the stories because of the busy life. Unfolding the reading habit from the childhood is very important because books are a uniquely portable magic. There is a saying “There is no friend as loyal as a book”. As an adult, in the midst of our life, we could swear that it’s true.

Do you remember how bedtime stories in our childhood had led us to a world of imagination? Don’t you want your children also to have a world of imagination in their life which will nourish their moral values? We put forward you the best seven English stories by Gyoltzna which includes The Prodigal Son, The Wise Gray Hen, The Farmer and the magic Goose, The Wise Bat, Good Neighbour, The Monkey and the Crocodile, The Donkey’s Brain. These stories can be picturized in the children’s mind since they are told with interesting illustrations.