Success Master + 2 Chemistry Guide


Poornna Success Master plus two Chemistry guide is completely focused on the new and revised NCERT syllabus. Aiming at overall development of the student in the subject. This guide help students to gain deep and additional knowledge in chemistry. Also, it contains questions that are commonly seen in exams. Poornna publishers take great care in preparing this plus two chemistry guide.


Chemistry Guide for +2 students from Success Master

This book is a plus two chemistry guide. It contains the complete syllabus which will be helpful for the students who are preparing for their +2 exams. The book also includes the previously solved question papers with complete solution.  Students can also use the sample question paper as a self evaluation test which will help them to practice and to finish it on time. This build the confidence in students who are having exam fear. The best part of the guide is that the problems are solved using simple steps which are easily understandable for the students. The book also contains many additional questions that can be asked in the exam.

About Plus Two Chemistry

Students become very fearful when hearing chemical equations in the subject. There is a lot of chance of asking similar questions that are related to the syllabus but not directly from the textbook for the exam. Thus, practicing every kind of questions that is not only from the text but also from other sources will help to score good marks.

Chemistry is  important subject and it is probably difficult for most students. So, how can we make this simple, this is only through practice. As, practice makes perfect. Right!  Reduce getting feared when hearing chemistry equations. Success Master Plus Two Chemistry Guide will help you face your plus two exam with full confidence and attain great score.

So, we suggest all students to get a copy of our Success Master from Poorna Publications which is a complete guide for plus two chemistry. Refer and study to have a great future.

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