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SSLC A+ Winner 2017 - 18 English Medium

The SSLC students who follow Kerala Syllabus can use this wonderful question bank. This A+ exam winner contains a lot of question paper sets. All the question papers are solved and students feel more confident in writing examinations. The SSLC students can improve their time management by using this book. This book contains the following subjects.


The English model question papers filled with creativity. The English model question papers have a common format. After completing the 4 sets of question papers they will thoroughly learn each and every lesson. For the SSLC English examination, the question paper covers all the topics and chapters. The time allotted for the public examination is 150 minutes. There are almost 30 questions to answer in one question paper. The questions may vary from different formats. There will be conversations, passage related questions, and other types.


The Hindi model question papers contain sure questions for the public examination. There will be an analysis of poems and Essay model questions. This A+ winner booklet contains solved previous year question paper. This book improves student's overall confidence.


The Malayalam question papers contain various models of questions. The questions include passages and essays. The main aim of this booklet is to provide a good resource for SSLC Students.

Malayalam II

The Malayalam reader based question papers are also available in this book. You can purchase this single book online from Poornna bookstore.

Social Science

The Social Science subject is learned as Geography and History in the new syllabus. The question paper for SSLC Social Science follows the SCERT's guidelines. The question papers given in this book will help the students to find out their weak areas and help them to learn thoroughly.


The solved question papers for the Mathematics subject helps the students to revise the steps in a problem. This will help them to score marks even if their final answer is wrong. Some students may know the steps to solve a problem but they may give wrong final answers. Using Poornna A+ winner for SSLC students can solve this problem.


The Physics question papers cover all the lessons. They improve the understanding of different topics in Physics. The total score of this paper is 40 marks.


The Chemistry question papers contain 4 sets of model question papers. Students or teachers can use these model question papers for mock tests.


The Biology question paper for SSLC students with solved previous year question papers is the best gift for SSLC students. The question papers are prepared according to the SCERT syllabus.

Information Technology

The Information Technology question papers improve the students to understand the basics of computer and other software.

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