The schools of state have been undergone the online virtual classes for several months. Critically saying, from the mid of the June. So, let us evaluate the current status of Online Education under the situation of COVId-19.

At this time there are many issues persist to conduct the classes virtually. A massive movement was happened in the state from the part of the government as well as from the society to meet the facilities needed for online classes. And now, everybody hopes that things are going very well. But surely, it’s not like that. Still, there are many problems existing inside the online learning system.

So, the government of Kerala has arranged a panel of members to study the problems based on the virtual learning system. The Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has asked the officials to submit a report on student’s issues regarding the online classes and virtual learning process.

They ensured various departments and stakeholders like the education department, local self-government department, IT, Kerala fibre optical networks and the electricity board, etc to study the current situation of online education.

After three months of starting the online classes, there persist some problems. A few of the major issues that continue to persist are a poor internet connection, unavailability of smartphone and laptops. Some of the CBSE school conducting classes for longer hours causing students with mental stress, physical disabilities and eye problem.
So, the timing must be regulated and the guidelines issued by the education department must strictly be followed by the school authorities. In some schools, the children are compelled to keep the webcam and smartphone, it is against children’s privacy, well-being and economic stability.

Due to health issues, it is mandatory to give 10-15 minutes break after each session of class. The children’s must be under the direction of parents or teacher. Every time make sure that children do not see anything else on the screen instead of the class. Also, they do not do any other activities during the session. Arrange a peaceful atmosphere for children to attend the classes.

Whatever it is, the current status of online education is proven that, we are not technologically well equipped to replace a physical classroom system to online virtual classes.

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