Importance of school education in child development


Children of today became the adult citizen of tomorrow. This growth is parallel to our country’s future. They reflect the quality of the present education system. Importance of school education in child development must stimulate the curiosity of the young mind and its talent. This mind can be diverted to anywhere. So, proper guiding and utilization result in the formation of greater citizens or a better human being. It is a widely accepted theory, that learning process is instrumental in shaping one’s character and behaviour. This tells one’s personality and how he handles a life situation.

Importance of school education in child development


Every student needs a change of gaining knowledge from the book to life. But, in reality, everybody like parents and teachers forgets the real purpose of education. Instead of all-round development, people shrink the meaning of education into gaining some degree or more than that. Education must be able to improve your thought process and cultivate good and creative thoughts. In this present competitive world, education is the basic need after food, clothes and shelter.


What might be the aim of school education?

School education must focus on some aspects that contribute to young minds. They are:


Mental Aspect

In the eye of student school is the supreme source of their knowledge. It gives them a chance to gain knowledge in different filed such as history, science, mathematics, technology, literature, etc. This helps them to cultivate various thoughts. Because, the school is a system of many students, children from various background commonly residing give them a new experience. This improves their social, cultural, and humanitarian values.


Social Aspect

School is the first social experience for a child. Until then parents and family are their social people. There is much difference between a family and a school classroom. A family has members of different age. But in a school, there is enough number of children’s who are in pear group. Or simply a group of people who know each other. As results, develop empathy, caring, friendship, etc.


Physical aspect

For a child, his physical aspect is very important. They can’t do the same thing for a long time. Instead, they can only concentrate on things very few moments. A home provides only a restricted chance. But the school has vast options. The journey to and out of school, the playtime, lunchtime, etc are their best moments in childhood.

Overall Development

Apart from the old education system, today importance is given to their mental ability. The entire curriculum tries to improve its talented skill. In earlier days, education is only for studying some mathematical notations and the years of history. But now, the concept is totally changed. Students are leaving free to do whatever they like to do.