The high court of Kerala constrained a school to do not expel any student from attending the online class due to their incapacity to pay the complete school fees. By taking the COVID -19 pandemic situation under consideration. As we all know that the state is suffering from the critical situation of COVID -19 outbreak. The schools and colleges are being closed for several months. And till now there is no assurance regarding the re-opening of schools and colleges.

In this situation, Justice Devan Ramachandran strictly direct the school authorities to allow every student to attend the online classes. The situation behind this instruction is the petition of a parent of a student.

Justice ordered as ” Taking note of the rather distressing situation that has gripped everyone on account of COVID-19 restrictions, I deem it appropriate to direct the fourth respondent not to expel any students including the children of the petitioners from the online classes conducted by them, merely for the reason that necessary fees has not been paid yet”.

In this year, on June another single bench of Kerala High court has restrained schools from levying additional fees for conducting virtual learning class.

The pandemic spreads every day more vigorously. This will end up the expectation of school opening too. As like every field in the country, education also has undergone a crisis. The educational institution is struggling to meet the salary expense of the teachers. The teachers are running to meet their online class through virtual learning. As well as the future of our students is in big trouble.

The only solution to all these problems is to wait with patience until the crisis over and everything became back to normal. But still, there is a big question regarding the current academic year all ongoing students and pass out students. Hope our both governments can find the best solution.

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