Kerala is the first state in the country to go completely digital in public education. The school would have a technologically well-equipped classroom. It has been announced already by the government of Kerala. As a part of this, all public schools in the state are renowned for implementing Latest IT equipment. It is done based on the level of education as secondary and primary classes. It has high tech classrooms and students can experience advanced technology benefits.

This will be a new teaching and learning experience for the teachers and students. In the circumstances of covid outbreak, the students and schools of the state have gone through severe problems. For several months now, all schools are conducting online classes. Still many of the schools and students are not able to attend the class due to many problems. So, by foreseeing all these, attaining the complete supremacy over the digital world in the education system is necessary.

Importance of Digital Education in Schools in Kerala

Why digital education is important? In the current situation, the answer to this question is several. Until the time of COVID 19 crisis emerged, the importance of digital education was low. The thought and implementation process were just in the planning phase. But COVID changed the situation entirely. The education system identified that quick development is needed. The delay may worsen the situation even more.

In light of these, aiming for the bright future of our students’ smart classrooms and high-tech labs were implemented. This makes our students to easily and effectively conduct their studies. This helps them to upgrade their quality to a higher level of education. In the developing world, it is mandatory for students to improve their technological skills. Along with it, a high-speed broadband internet connection is also implemented. A web portal was also set up for answering the queries regarding the system.