Mental problems in students’ arrises due to this COVID 19 outbreak.  Covid -19 pandemic forced all schools, colleges, and educational institutions to shut down from the month of March itself. For students, this is their age of spending most of the time with peer groups and classmates. This absence makes some Mental Problems in children, which are not really traceable. As a result of a study conducted by the Research Centre, a 20% rise in the case of mental problems in students. Since then, the situation is much worse.

Online Class and Mental health

Students are missing with their balance of studies and playtime. Along with the emotional effects of being physically separated from friends, combined with the aftereffect of losing their playtime may gradually create stress and mental problems in students. The pandemic system extremely changes their habit it impacts them a lot. The best skill they need during this time is to balance between work and playtime.

Major Mental Health Issues

  • Irritability and mood swings.
  • Anxiety and low mood
  • Dependence on video games and other social media.
  • Emotional eating (excess eating to cope up with their emotions)
  • Increased social media use which aggravates negative feelings
  • Overreacted to every situation

Other Mental Problems

There are some other mental problems also affecting our children, they are;

  • Anxiety-related to exam preparations, relating the repeated postponing and delayed results of the exam, and attending online exams in a way that is not familiar so far.
  • Depressive thoughts because of social isolation.
  • Behavioral and emotional changes due to spending a long time in front of the screen.

How to solve these Mental Problems?

Solution to Mental health issues

Parents and teachers can find a solution for this by maintaining an open conversation with students. Help and support them by identifying their problems and spend some time with them. Teachers can motivate them even in between the online classes. Teachers can also help and maintain communication with the older students or pass out students of your class just before the covid 19. They were also in big trouble with uncertainty about their future. Give appropriate timing for their all activities. Especially for relaxing their mind and get entertained in some way. Actually, this is not the real problem, the problem is still going to begin after all these covid 19 crises. The real problem our students are going to face is after the reopening of schools. Click here to get the current status of Online Education.