As because more than 2000 cases of new coronavirus have been detected in the state, no schools were reopening in Kerala during September- October. The reopening of the schools is postponed from this month. Every day the number of affected people is heavily increasing. In addition to this, unlocking implementations are in place as step by step. So, the chances are even more to spread the disease. So, under these circumstances, the reopening of schools is not a wise decision.

After every month, the education system goes under out of control. Not just the learning system, but the entire educational economic system. If things have gone like this, we need a huge setback, both economically and technologically to withstand these situations.

As the central government has issued unlocking guidelines 4.0 regarding the reopening of school and other higher educational institution. But the school students are a sensitive subject of Kerala state. The opening of schools may lead to the spread of the virus to children’s very rapidly. This may lead to a higher mortality rate for COVID -19. And a chance for a super spread of the disease in the entire state.

The central government is not giving a strict direction to reopen the schools. But a partial reopen, for students those who have the concerned of their parents can reach the school and communicate safely with their teachers on academic matters.
Really, a decision on school reopens and how to conduct classes safely is yet to take. What all things be assumed or predicted now; the things go based on the pandemic spread rate.

Parents are also panic to send their child to school during this time. So, the direction of the central government has not been practical very soon. Because lower-class children are not capable to manage their safety precautions to avoid the spread of COVID 19. Just imagine the situation that students sit inside the classroom by keeping social distance and wearing a mask throughout the school hours. It is both hectic and suffocating. Due to these problems our government has taken the steps to not schools reopening in Kerala right now.

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