• The book named "വിദ്വാന്‍ മയ്യനാട് സി പി കേശവന്‍ വൈദ്യരുടെ കൃതികള്‍" is published by the Poornna Publishers contains the unseen works of C P Keshavan Vaidhyar. This book contains various poems by him. The poems by Vidwan C P Keshavan Vaidhyar is simple and we will love to read them. This book can be used as a reference book to identify the depth of Malayalam poetry by Vidhwan C P Keshavan Vaidhyar. Buy the best Malayalam books online from Poornna online bookstore.

  • It is one of the signature work of the great Rabindranath Tagore. Prof: Kummil Sukumaran does justice to the original work in Malayalam translation of Geethanjali. This work definitely improves the spiritual life of the reader. Our souls will be in God by going through the lines. The word Geethanjali is composed from "geet", song and "anjali", offering and thus means "an offering of songs". But the word for offering, anjali has a strong devotional connotation.

  • Kavyanjali


    Kurichy Sadan gave a tribute to Sri Narayana Guru in the form of poems in his book ‘KAVYANJALI’. It also has the poems with love and romanticism. One of the songs in this collection (‘Swami’) was given music by the legend ‘M.K.Arjunan Master’.

  • Aswa Ghoshan’s ‘Budha charitham’ is remarkable work in ancient Indian literature . Vidwan Mayyanad C.P.Kesavan vaidyar translates ‘Budha Charitham’ in to malayalam in the title- Sree Budha Charitham, simple language and highly authentic translation. This Malayalam book is provided online by Poornna printing & Publishing house.

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