Dr.D. Babu Paul the well-known orator and the former chief secretary of Kerala gave his views on 48 different issues in his work ‘ANURANANAM’. The views originally expressed in his column ‘Madhyarekha’ (The middle line) in Madhyamam daily, are rich with wisdom and satire. Current issues are discussed in an unbiased manner. “These articles are the reaction to what is happening in the society”- Dr. Babu Paul says in the introduction. Political issues are discussed in a satirical way. Some titles itself generates the curiosity of the reader. For example “Prasavamalsaram Venda” (No war to deliver).

This book contains 48 different articles regarding the various political and social issues. by this book, he helps the common man to understand the problems in the democracy. Most of his articles are satirical. This Malayalam book is printed and published by Poornna Publishing House.