Artbook for Kindergarten

Creative book for kindergarten students is a book published by Poornna publications as a creative drawing book for kindergarten students who are studying mostly in LKG and UKG.  The Poorna team have created this book in such a way that kids can draw the pictures in the book using their creative ideas. There are some exercises in the book which is created in an amazing way to catch the attraction of the kids. There are two books separately for both students studying in LKG and UKG classes.

Drawing and colouring in art books can improve their mastering skills and they will be able to understand how to express themselves in new ways. These new ways can help kids gain confidence and perseverance. This type of activity could benefit them in different ways and also helps kids to come up with a positive response in stressful situations.

In this, the kids can draw shapes like lines, circles, squares etc by drawing on dotted lines. Kids can colour their shapes, they can draw the shapes on their own, drawing flowers, colouring numbers and so on. In this way, they will get an idea about numbers, alphabets, flowers, and colours. This will make them have more creative ideas and thoughts which will help them to develop their creative skills.

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