Creative Art (Std1 – 4)


  • Publisher: Poornna publications
  • Genre: Children
  • Binding: Paperback


Poornna drawing book for kids, Creative Art (Std1 – 4) serve as a treasured keepsake book for kids who want to save their art work and continually improve their drawing skills. Kids can also watercolor painting, handwriting practice and more. It is intended for Sketching, Drawing, Doodling, Painting, Writing Art Work. Best for Crayons, Colored Pencils, Watercolor Paints and Very Light Fine Tip Markers. High quality binding, premium design, paperback, beautiful matte finish looks. Perfect gift for kids!!!.

We have also published science, history and story books for kids.


Why Your Child Should Draw?
One of the first tasks a toddler can complete is picking up a pencil and beginning to draw. Additionally, when new technologies become much more widely available to kids and their families, they bring with them new opportunities to develop critical creative abilities.

Children become more expressive through drawing.
Drawing is a vital means of communication for kids because they often struggle to express themselves verbally and physically. Drawings by your child might give you a window into their thoughts and emotions. A child’s emotional intelligence is also increased by their ability to communicate their feelings.

Your child’s ability to solve problems increases by drawing.
When drawing, a youngster must make a number of judgments, such as “what color should I use here? or “How do I integrate the different parts of an animal’s body in a sketch?” For each of these questions, they must find solutions to challenges. See what ideas they come up with by asking them why they drew specific portions in a particular way or why they chose certain colors.



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