Revealing The Glorious Indian Heritage
Indian Heritage is the striking announcement of its glorious past. We owe to pass these inherited heritages to the coming generations. India is blessed with a large number of architectural marvels out of which few hold universal importance. Its innate majesty maintained over many parts of the country boasts the heritage. While peeping into the Indian History we can see that India was ruled by different Kings which paved the way to the hub of diverse architectonic portents. The power of Indian culture blended with architecture and landscape is immense.

Indian Lokapaithrukathil by Poornna publishers is a book which contains details of the Indian Heritage written in Malayalam by B.Prithviraj. The author tries to introduce some rare facts about the places and buildings from India which was enlisted in the world heritage list. This book is very useful for the students to know and to study about India. While reading this book you may feel as if you are traveling through this unseen marvel architectures. After reading this book you will feel so proud of being an Indian having such heritages.