Kalapoornna is a monthlymagazine which is exclusively for arts and literature. The magazine edited bySri.J.R.Prasad (former senior artist Mathrubhumi) attained popularity among thereaders with in a short span of time. Our unique columns such as ‘academeeyam’has so many readers. The column by K.L. Mohanavarma goes to his days as the secretaryof Kerala ‘sahithya academy’. He shares his relation with writers andexperiences in the academy. Another unique column is ‘Akashavanikkaalam’. In itthe writer ‘sreedharanunni’ portrays the history of all India radio, Calicut.Jaijeevithangal is another regular column. The lite of jailinmates aredescribed.

Managing Editor: Dr.P.K.Sukumaran

Editor: J.R.PrasadExecutive

Editor: Dr. S.Jayaprakash.

Kalapoornna is also a source of inspiration for theupcoming writers of Malayalam.