Little Pumpkin – Drawing Coloring Book for Kids

Little Pumpkin drawing colouring book


Little Pumpkin is a fun activity drawing and coloring book for kids. This book is really helpful for kids to learn to draw and color objects. They can easily learn each and everything by step by step process using this book. And also it is very interesting for kids and it can use during the fall and holiday season or school year. It is a perfect gift for children’s, preschooler and students. In this book has from simple pumpkin outlines for preschool kids to color in, to more detailed designs for children’s. The pages of each books are beautifully rendered, one after the other. There are funny, attractive and silly free, printable pumpkin coloring pages that children will love. Plus there are even some pumpkin coloring pages where the kids can make their creepy faces. In terms of children’s ability, it brings happiness to parent’s.

How much this book really helpful for kids?

Activities such as coloring and drawing will improve your child’s pencil grip, as well as help them relax, control their mood and develop their imagination. This book will give many moments of joy and will make skills for your kids. Coloring sheets are high-resolution in this book, so that kids can easy to draw and color well. Kids can observe the size, shape, and color of pumpkins. Plus they can identify the different part of the fruit. They can feel the cool mind and improve their drawing and coloring skills. By using this books kids can observe and learn more shapes, size, and different types of colors. Through this, children will be able to develop their drawing and coloring skills in the future. So this book must will helpful for kids.


Brand: Poorna Publications.

Type: Drawing & Coloring.

Language: English.