Malayalam English Guides For 7th Standard

Poornna publishers take great care in formulating this educational magazine for 7th standard students. The Malayalam – English guides for 7th standard students contains sections for their overall development. Our aim is to provide good education through the student-friendly environment. Malayalam English guides for7th standard students prepared according to the SCERT syllabus. This book follows the latest syllabus. The first issue of this Term Book is out in the store.

Features of Malayalam – English Guides For 7th Standard

  1. High-quality study materials prepared by experts.
  2. Activities in each chapter are developed by our academic wing.
  3. Extra reading materials.
  4. Simple language.
  5. Academic with teachers retired from SCERT/NCERT and colleges.
  6. Questions prepared by experienced teachers.
  7. “Rachanavedhi” helps to express students their talents.
  8. Available in both English & Malayalam language.
  9. Model question papers for each terminal examinations.